In today's globalized markets, the movement of products and commodities is almost unthinkable without pallets. Wooden made pallets are indispensable for protecting the goods, for easy handling and for an efficient storing.

The dynamics of consumer habits has generated the increasing traffic of pallets, and at the same time has created the market demand and also the governmental regulation that pallets placed on the market must be managed.


This regulation establishes that companies which introduce pallets on the market in addition to their activity of production or import, are responsible for these packaging materials. All companies have the obligation to recover and recycle at least 60% of the total weight of the packaging placed on the market, otherwise they have to pay a fee to the Administration of Environmental Fund. Pallets fall into the category of packaging and damaged, broken pallets become waste. Being the heaviest and most bulky type of packaging, pallets placed on the market imposes significant obligations and costs on companies.

By identifying and reacting to this market demand, our company collects and recycles wood pallets, providing an ideal waste-management solution for all businesses, regardless of their activity or size.


Our experienced team, with an advanced car and machine park, offers complete and dynamic services starting from collecting pallets from the customer, up to recycling these packaging materials.

By recycling, using the collected wood material, we produce a significant amount of reconditioned pallets, and for the furniture industry we manufacture various, invisible elements to be incorporated in furnitures.

Contract with us, and by managing and recycling collected pallets, we can reduce even to a quarter your payment obligations to the Administration of Environmental Fund (2 ron / kg for all packaging put on the market).

We are firmly convinced that our work for more than 10 years has achieved not only the satisfaction of our customers, but we have continuously contributed to the sustainable development of the environment.