Recycling of pallets collected from our customers is done according to a well-defined process, this way we can achieve a high recycling ratio:
After transportation, as a first step, we sort the pallets based on their type and condition.
The next step is the dismantling and cutting of pallets to produce reusable wooden elements.
These wooden elements coming from the dismantling are embedded in rebuilt pallets.
Chopping: wooden items that can no longer be used are chopped with special machines.

Reconditioned pallets

Refurbished pallets have the same characteristics and parameters as new ones, with the difference that these are made of recycled wooden elements coming from reused, damaged pallets.The capacity of refurbished pallets is like new pallets, with the difference that wood recycling protects the environment, and at the same time generates a much lower price.

-Dimensions: 800x1200 mm és 1000×1200 mm
-Height: 120 – 140 mm
-Material: pine
-Capacity: 1000 - 1500 kg.
-Number of upper lamellas: 5 - 8 pcs.

Thanks to our production technology, based on our clients orders we can produce pallets of any size or structure.


Invisible elements for furniture

Also using recycled materials, we produce various invisible wood elements for the furniture industry, to be incorporated into the final products.

Beside of appearance, the most important characteristics of these elements are: good quality, dry material of which they are produced and the much lower price compared to the new material. This way, we can offer to our customers in furniture industry a good opportunity to reduce production costs.

Invisible elements for furniture are produced only on request according to customer requirements.


Wood chips

Wood chips can be used as raw material for various purposes: briquettes, pellets, animal bedding, etc...